If you can envision it, we can achieve it.

Athletic achievement and better wellness doesn’t just appear. It’s something that has to be pursued. And to take action effectively, you need a program that is built on research, proven strategies and a new mindset. This will create your momentum and enable you to achieve results.

I offer several unique personal coaching services, whether you are a new athlete, a hard-core competitor, or every-day person looking “simply” to improve your health.

Assessment and counselling
If you are looking for a few hours throughout the year for athletic/wellness assessments and counselling, this service is for you. During our ad hoc sessions, we’ll evaluate the athletic/wellness regimen you have set for yourself (add more text, improve what needs to be improved) and we can even monitor your progress.

Technique evaluation and support
Struggling with some aspects of your training techniques? I can evaluate how you are currently executing your runs, swims, biking, etc. and provide invaluable tips on how you can improve your performance. You’ll be amazed at how tweaks to your technique can make a huge difference!

Full-scale training/wellness programs
Do you have a specific athletic/wellness goal in mind? Are you looking for an end-to-end service to get you there? I can devise short- and long-term programs to help you achieve your objectives. Programs are detailed right up to what you have to accomplish on a daily basis. I am literally with you every step of the way!

All of my services can be offered one-on-one or to groups and teams. Contact me for more information and rates.

Corporate wellness programs
Corporate wellness is all about keeping organizations fit and healthy so as to boost employee morale and productivity, reduce absenteeism, and increase employee retention. I can help you to devise and implement a long-term corporate wellness program that takes into account your overall HR strategy and objectives, available resources, employee needs, and corporate culture. By employing my personalized approach, we’ll work together to ensure high participation rates, employee satisfaction, and results. What’s more: my wellness programs need not focus on particular sports or events. If your organization is looking to provide basic methods for employees to improve their well-being on the job, we can.

Note: my services are focused on more cardio-oriented sports, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. If you are looking for a gym trainer, thank you for your interest, but you will be best served elsewhere!

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