Fired up to start a new sport or compete in your first race?

Embarking on a new path to health?

Focused on achieving higher, farther, faster results?

Building a new corporate wellness program?

and counselling

If you are looking for a few hours throughout the year for athletic/wellness assessments and counselling, this service is for you.

Technique evaluation
and support

Struggling with some aspects of your training techniques? I can evaluate how you are currently executing your runs, swims, biking, etc.

Full-scale training
wellness programs

Do you have a specific athletic/wellness goal in mind? Are you looking for an end-to-end service to get you there?

wellness programs

Corporate wellness is all about keeping organizations fit and healthy so as to boost employee morale and productivity, reduce absenteeism, and increase employee retention.

Customized coaching services—with a human touch.

Are you in search of a personal training coach that has the expertise, experience, and soul to help you achieve your athletic and health goals? Are you new to a sport/exercise and feel intimidated by the goals you want to achieve—or other obsessive, Type-A coaches out there? Are you a seasoned athlete that wants to push it to the next level? Are you a business looking to improve organizational performance through the improved health of your employees?

Then, you and I need to talk.

Ma vaste gamme de services d’entraînement personnalisés s’adresse à toute personne désirant améliorer sa performance athlétique, ses habitudes de vie et sa santé, et ce, quelle que soit sa forme physique. Je peux élaborer des programmes à court et à long terme pour une variété de sports, y compris la course, la marche, le cyclisme, la natation, le triathlon, les courses d’endurance et d’obstacles, les exercices de bureau et plus.

I offer a complete portfolio of customized coaching services to help people of all athletic abilities to improve their athletic performances, enhance their lifestyles and optimize their health. I can tailor-fit a short- and long-term program for a variety of sports, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, triathlon, endurance and obstacle races, office-based exercises, and more.

My philosophy: people will only stick to a healthy lifestyle or athletic program if they enjoy doing it. My mantra: We’ll make it happen. And we’ll make it happen together. Contact me today for more information.


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